This program is designed to provide the charge nurse with the knowledge and skills needed to coordinate and promote quality of patient care, manage resources and ensure compliance with professional and regulatory standards. The program also covers generic leadership skills such as delegation, teamwork, communication and conflict resolution.


Medical/Surgical Certification Review

This Medical-Surgical Certification Review is developed to enhance the medical-surgical nurses’ practice and to prepare them to take the certification exam. The program utilizes a modular strategy to ensure an understanding of the etiology, pathophysiology, and nursing management of known or predictable physiological alterations in adult and geriatrics patients. The two-day workshop covers the content areas that are included on the examination identified by ANCC.

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Program Description
This three days program is designed to empower nurses to take the NCLEX-RN/LPN exam with confidence! Grace NCLEX/LPN program uses the most current NCLEX-RN/LPN examination blueprint that includes a comprehensive approach that incorporates pharmacology, supervision, delegation, management and emergency disaster planning throughout content areas. The program stresses how to answer NCLEX-RN/LPN test questions, including the new alternate item format questions, how to eliminate wrong choices and select the one best answer. Provide free written review materials.

The program will not only prepare you to pass the NCLEX-RN/PN exam, it will also pre-pare you for your first job as an RN

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LPN Review


Home Health Aide

The Grace School of Allied Health and Professional Advancement is authorized by the New York State Department of Education to provide allied health programs to meet the growing need of the health industry.

The Grace School of Allied Health HOME HEALTH AIDE (HHA) program is designed to prepare the adult learner in the theory and skills required for practice as a home health aide in working effectively with home care clients such as the elderly, mentally retarded, the Physically Disabled and children. The focus is to equip the caregiver with the basic knowledge and skills needed to care for clients in a home setting. The program consists of 84 hours of classroom theory and 16 hours of Supervised Clinical Externship (SCE) determined and provided by the sponsoring (hiring) agency or provided by GSAHPA. Classroom and Skills Laboratory practice will be held at Grace School of Allied Health and Professional Advancement facility at varied times a year.


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