Clinical experts from Grace School of Allied Health provide 100% of the program instruction. In addition to instruction, they are also responsible for:

  • Review and revision of lesson plans and curriculum as needed, in consultation with program director.
  • Delivery of course content
  • Administration of any applicable tests
  • Remediation as deemed necessary
  • Evaluation of participants

Key staff:

  • Dr. Grace Ogiehor-Enoma, RN, Program Director with over twenty-five years of teaching experience in nursing at American universities and colleges. She was also the Assistant Director of Nursing Education at Elmhurst Hospital and currently devotes her attention to running Grace School of Allied Health.
  • Ivie Enoma, Marketing Coordinator and Office Assistant –Maintains our online presence by overseeing and updating social media platforms and managing the website to keep all information current and up to date.
  • Ernest Enoma, MSW, School Administrator - Responsible for maintaining and tracking information on all outcomes of our programs.


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